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Second Opinion Service

We continually have people directed our way that are simply unsure of their current financial situation, and/or have investments which they believe need attention.  For these reasons, as a valued client, we extend our second-opinion service to your trusted friends, family, and associates.  This service is meant to offer your relationships, at no charge to them, a commitment-free glimpse at the care and guidance you have come to expect from us.

With our second opinion service, they can expect a comprehensive review of their current financial plan including the following:

  • Help with establishing and/or clarifying current Plan Goals
  • Are they achievable, realistic and do they mirror their true wishes
  • An overall investment analysis with a focus on whether the investments work well together toward achieving their Plan Goals
  • A comprehensive risk analysis to ensure their various insurance coverages are in line with their Plan Goals
  • A personal risk score to ensure that the investment strategies employed are in line with their risk appetite and Plan Goals

In the end, we will help them gain a better understanding of their current financial situation and answer the question, “What am I missing?”

As always, we are humbled by your continued trust in our firm and we thank you for sharing what we do with your friends and family.

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