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Brad Brockman

Brad Brockman

Client Experience Coordinator

Brad's focus is on delivering an exceptional client experience. He thrives on building healthy, long-term relationships with all those he encounters. He truly values the relationships he builds and often finds himself as the main point of contact, both in the office and out of the office with friends & family.

Brad graduated from Metropolitan State University, Minneapolis/St Paul with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Screenwriting. It would be a dream come true to one day sell a feature length screenplay. He just has to get past his writer's block and find some free time; as there is now more important things in his life.

Brad has always enjoyed budgeting his own financials and trying to help others budget. Knowing how his money is being spent has always helped him plan his allowance for fun, or save for an expected expense. In September 2020, the importance of planning for the unexpected quickly hit Brad and his husband, Paul. In less than a month after their marriage, they were selected by word of mouth, to be adoptive parents to a newborn due in November 2020. Their lives were to be forever financially changed, as they now have to plan for a child's future.

Outside of the office, Brad and his husband Paul enjoy their time in New Hope by spending family-time with their beautiful daughter, Harper. He enjoys taking their daughter and two Boston Terriers, Chanel & Adore, for a walk in the neighborhood. Brad enjoys entertaining friends at their home. When planned, attending the theater is a special treat for Brad and his husband. Visiting with family & friends is always joy. Want to spark up a conversation with Brad? Talk about adoption, movies, travel and mid-century modern furniture. Brad's adoption process was a long eight year journey. His favorite move is Scream. His favorite US city is San Francisco, California and his best trip outside the US was to Argentina (Buenos Aires & Ushuaia ), in South America. What's your story? Brad would love to know.