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What is the difference between Financial Planning and Investment Management? 

Consider the iPhone and iPod

The iPhone and iPod are both beautiful devices that can improve how you live. iPods come pre-installed with apps that meet most basic needs of a person that wants to listen to music and store photos. It can deliver on these objectives with incredible efficiency but little room for customization. By the expectations of today, an iPod is incomplete. You simply wouldn't expect to use an iPod to engage in your friend's lives on Snapchat, request a car on Uber or find a boyfriend on Tinder. For that, you use an iPhone.

Investment Management is like an iPod, while Financial Planning is like an iPhone. Investment Management offers some of the solutions, but Financial Planning is the platform for which you will organize your life and reach your goals.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Together we will explore your hopes, dreams and fears to craft a personalized path using cutting-edge technology and solutions. Think of us like the iTunes for your goals.

Your financial plan may include, but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Cash Flow Planning / Budgeting
  • Insurance / Risk Management Planning
  • Employee Benefits Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
Investment Management

Investment Management

We believe that low fees and a long-term outlook are key factors in Investment Management. Our Investment Management options range from ultra-low cost models to completely custom allocations. As your fiduciary, we will:

  • Research competitive product(s)
  • Describe alternative(s)
  • Recommend product(s)
  • Facilitate transaction(s)
  • Review account performance

Fees and Minimums

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