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What is Financial Planning?

Many believe that Financial Planning is all about investing money and buying insurance. It's true that those items can be a part of a Financial Plan implementation. But that is only a small fraction of what we do. At Dreamscape Planning, we’re there to celebrate your successes and guide you through the hardships. We offer value, a high level of service, cutting-edge technology, and a caring team. Some common scenarios we can help our clients navigate:

Client Centered

I want to start traveling more. How much can I afford to spend?

I want to be able to maintain my lifestyle in retirement. How much do I need to be saving?

I want to send both my children to private universities. How should I start saving?

I want to buy an investment property/vacation rental in a different city. Where should I start?

I want more free time to spend with my family. How can my income provide this flexibility?

I want to be able to continue this lifestyle in retirement. How much will I need?

Together, we proactively plan for the long-term. We foster relationships of trust with our clients, educate them on their investment decisions, and walk with them every step of the way. We want you to strive for your fullest life, no matter where you financially stand today.

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