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Why Dreamscape Exists

The internet is full of information, but that doesn’t mean the information is accurate or applicable to you. Our news outlets have never been more polarized, self-serving and on the hunt for shock-and-awe. All the while, there has never been a time when good advice has been needed so badly. There are so many forces in conflict with young adults receiving high quality, personalized advice. All of the knowledgeable and experienced baby boomer financial professionals are in a race to accumulate the wealth of the richest in the nation. We can change that by offering an affordable, transparent service model.

Why Dreamscape Exists

The genesis of “Dreamscape” comes from my favorite lift at Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah with the same name.  This particular ski lift takes you to some of the best terrain on the mountain. I love nothing more in life than giving my wife, Meghan, a brief head-start so I can watch her ski down the secluded, pine tree lined runs. Thanks to gravity, eventually I catch up and we have a moment of skiing side by side.  These are the brilliant moments in life that truly encompass life as a journey, not a chase to the destination. 

Ben Rosholt
Founder, Dreamscape Planning

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